Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nelscott Reef Surf Contest

Dues: fees for membership in an organization
When applied to Nelscott Paddle In Contest: Oh Shit!
The Contest got a early start with tow in heats starting before I got there at about 0900. Mike Kopra and Whitney got there early and saw the first tow in heat. Weather: Haze, visability 1 mile which improved thru the day; Wind, ESE 2-5, Overcast to broken overcast and a slight drizzle about 1630, Swell: 12' to 16' from the W on the bouy report, Tide started at low water and was high about 1530.
Brewer brothers were there and have some good photos Whitney also took photos of Scotts reef(same day) so we should have some photos of that.
As to the paddle in portion of the contest.... that was worth the trip. You could feel the rush a half mile away just watching the take-off's Steep drops with up to 4 guys on a wave. The peak was shifting with the high tide when they ran the paddle portion and the dues....were steep!
ps The Greg Knoll Gun that didn't want to go.
Watching the waverunners doing the shuttle for the paddle in portion someone had brought a old Greg Knoll gun, green and white with a huge hunk of wood and a black glassed on skeg / this board was heavy and from the 60's. It would have had paddle speed and weight... but it did not want to go out at Nelscott. It was lashed to a ski skeg first and broke loose twice trying to get it out. Just watching that thing wash in reminded me of the danger log warnings on the beach access.

Greg Gosser Reporting
Photos: John Brewer

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