Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sept. 13th Elk Lake Wind Surfing Race Course is a Fun SUP Paddle

Jerry Lear is running this weekend's Windsurfing race at Elk Lake (about 40 minutes from Bend, Oregon) and sent the following info. If your stand up paddle board had a past life as a windsurf course board, here's your chance to get out your old rig and take a spin. Entering the race is free. If you don't have a windsurf rig in your life, you may want to try paddling the race course before or after the race. I paddled parts of the course during the last windsurfing race and it was fun. The light, shifty winds that Elk Lake is famous for gave me an extra workout. Here's Jerry's note:

Hi there windsurfers,

The last windsurfing race of the season will be this coming Sunday,
September 13th at Elk Lake. The changeable weather patterns this time of year will be a true test of who the real windsurfers are.

Randall will be away and has asked me to run the race.

We will meet at Beach campground as we have been. There will be a very
short skippers meeting at 1:30 with the first race, wind permitting,
beginning at 2 PM sharp.

(The race is FREE -- no entry fees, no prizes, no organization, just a few of us
getting together to race.)

In case you are late or just want to think about it here is the skipper's
meeting. Begin at 2 PM sharp and run 3 races. Depending on the wind
direction we will sail upwind to either the elkwnd or elkwnd2 mark (see
attachment), then leave the elkrch mark to port and finish in the usual way
below the 2 buoys at the start.

Someone has taken our starboard start mark which was too close to shore
anyway but there is still a second mark which we can use for the finish but
not for the start.

For the start there will be a 3 minute countdown and then we will start to
leeward of the start mark which is farthest from shore. We will use an
imaginary start line going at right angles to the wind from that start. We
will also pick an object on shore to be the pin end of the line but will ask
that everyone begin within 10-12 board lengths of the start and no port
starts please.

If you think you might be coming I would love it if you could respond to
this note, but you don't have to do this.

See you Sunday, Jerry
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