Monday, January 26, 2009

Winter Paddling on the Potomac River

Winter stand up paddling in the Northern Latitudes is becoming a favorite with hardcore types (like my husband, Randall and his buddies, Ron Thompson and Eddy Miller on the Deschutes River in Bend, Oregon). I've written about water safety in the winter, and Randall has too and as you can see by reading his post and her post, we have different ideas.

Well, Randall and his buddies aren't alone in their hardcore attitude. Suggs Miller in Maryland gets his SUP board on the winter Potomac river and dodges ice slabs. Now that's hardcore!! Here's a note he sent with a photo.


I have been paddling all winter. The Potomac has become a new river w/water levels rising almost 10 ft plus at times. I can't get to the usual play spots, so I make a paddle workout out of it. It has settled down a bit as of Jan 3rd. I tried to go out the other day, but too much ice made it risky for the Uli Inflatable. Also, huge ice slabs were flowing everywhere.

The kayakers have rolled out the welcome mat and have helped me learn the river. They even put me on the front page of their kayaking website. The attached photo is on Jan 3rd at Maryland Chute on the Potomac. Water temp was 34F and air was 35F.

Hope you are having a fun winter. I was snowboarding at Mt Baker last week and I saw that the Nooksack River has some great features for SUP. I might try to give it a go sometime this summer.


Greg"Suggs"Miller, Director
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  1. I have to get one of these boards - I might wait until the ice chunks dissipate, however!

  2. That looks pretty hardcore! definitely not for the balance challenged like me!

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