Thursday, March 20, 2008

Women Friendly Boards

Women have many stand up paddle board options with the new boards that have built in handles and are in smaller sizes. Concrete and steel can float (in the shape of a ship) because volume displaces water. With that in mind, most any SUP board will work for a woman paddler once it's on flat water. The challenge for most women is getting the paddle board from their vehicle to the water's edge. If you're woman stand up paddling in rough water or surf, you'll need to choose a standup paddle surf board that is easier to handle in those conditions.

Here's what women should look for in a SUP stand up paddle board:
  • Thin rails because they are easier to grab.
  • Handles - the Mistral Pacifico has detachable nose and tail handles. You can also purchase from us a Stand up paddle board handle kit if your SUP doesn't have a handle.
  • Hand Slot - the Surftech Infinity and Takayama have one in the center of the board.
  • Choose a lightweight board - for example: the Amundson 11' Superlight. These stand up paddle surf boards come with plastic handles in the mast slot area of the SUP board.
  • Choose a smaller stand up paddle board because less volume is lighter. You'll sacrifice glide-factor when paddling, but maneuverability is better.
  • Be sure to look at our StandupPaddleFlatwater on line store for board suggestions.
To make it easier to carry your board. We're selling a shoulder-strap carry device called The Big Board Schlepper for $24.50. You're going to love it.

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