Sunday, February 3, 2008

Recent Articles by Gerry Lopez and Dave Chun

Our local friends and industry SUP dignitaries Gerry and Dave have some great articles up on the internet magazines and blogs recently. I'd like to point this out with some links so they don't fade into the archives.

Gerry's is a very personal and wonderful story about his fire for surfing and how it was kindled, burned, smoldered and flamed again with standup paddle surfing. Find it at: Thanks Gerry for writing this and providing a preview for your book that's coming out in March. Now all we ask is for you to make us some SUP boards!

Dave has been interviewed and filmed so much lately that I don't know where to start. You'll need to navigate a bit to find all these articles, (two four-part interviews). Start with then go to page three of "articles." Part four of Dave Chuns interview on paddles will come up and at the bottom of the page will be listed the first three articles as well. Next, go to click on articles for December and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. Click on Entries(rss) and the whole list will come up. Scroll down till you find the four interview articles with Dave Chun.

These articles are super informative and Dave is very generous with his knowledge on paddle design, materials, paddling technique, and the industry. It shows why we all love our Kialoa paddles!


  1. Totally stoked on you guys out there in Bend. Let us know if any of your crew are coming to Hawaii and we can meet up for a session. Aloha.

  2. Nate, OK our group is very moblie and loves the Islands.
    Everyone, Nate's editor of:

  3. Great article guys. I recently discovered the underground movement called Surf Realization Fellowship by Gerry at the Bonzerfront in Haleiwa. Very cool!